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Ron McPherson

Assessing and Training Services Ltd

Ron McPherson has been involved with the ports and stevedoring industry for over 30 years. Ron specialises in training and assessing operators on gantry, tower and mobile cranes, as well as ship and shore-based cranes. Ron's training methods incorporate Department of Labour Safe Rigging and Load Lifting Practices.

Ron also provides Department of Labour and Transport New Zealand (LTNZ) approved training and assessment services that cover all sizes and types of forklift trucks from 1 to 50 tonnes including ISO container handling attachments and LTNZ forklift, roller, track and wheel endorsements.

Training is conducted at the trainee's own work site using the machinery and equipment that they will be operating. Every endeavour is made to ensure that training and assessment processes integrate appropriately with operational activities. This ensures that training is relevant, assessment (based on applicable Unit Standards) is on actual work practices and procedures, and that interpretations to operational activities are kept to a minimum.

Ron is both a Registered Assessor and Moderator for the following Industry Training Organisations:

• New Zealand Road Transport and Logistics
• Opportunity - The Training Organisation
• Competenz

Ron's prior experience includes operational management roles including ships operations, staff training and plant purchase programmes. Ron also has experience as a Marine Engineer.

Ron has been a member of Industry Advisory Groups involved with updating NZQA Unit Standards and has assisted with the drafting of Department of Labour Regulations for the Waterfront and Load Lifting and Rigging Codes of Practice.

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